The Sylvan Improvement Club celebrates 100+ Years of Community Service!

The Sylvan Improvement Club was founded by the women of the North Modesto area to provide a clubhouse for member supported activities and to provide for the improvement and beautification of the community.

The original clubhouse was built on land donated by

the Standiford family and was the center of community activity at the corner of McHenry Avenue and Sylvan Roads until it was replaced in the 1980’s.

Today, the private, non-profit Sylvan Club members maintain the clubhouse for member functions, special events, and support various local philanthropic causes that continue to improve and beautify our community.

Past Projects from the Beginning to Today...

Our Sylvan Club has supported numerous projects as early as the 1900’s including tree planting and putting up street signs along Modesto roadways, and even most recent projects such as:

Also, check out what others are saying...

If you like what you see and would like to schedule an appointment for a tour of the club, please do so here and one of our Club Managers will be in contact to confirm!

Thank you for your continued support making our club one of the longest lasting halls in Stanislaus County!

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