Gallery of the Sylvan Improvement Club - Inside & Outside


Take a sneak peek at our Sylvan Club from the Main Area, The Bar, The Kitchen and more! We strive to keep our Club in top-notch shape and our clients we rent out to have been very responsible in helping keep the Club clean. 


Once you enter the building, you will see a large wooden dance floor to the right. There is plenty of room for DJs to set up their equipment, as well as, creating a display for whatever occasion you are booking the event for. Our living area has plenty of room to set up tables and chairs that are provided for you. Maximum capacity is 150 guests. Our bathrooms are located in the corner and are always stocked with supplies and very clean.

Sylvan Club dance floor Sylvan Club's tables and chairs


To the back of the club is our bar area that is open to most guests depending on the rental agreement. You will find several cushioned seats and a padded L-Bar wooden top. There is a small refrigerator to store your items and a sink to wash your glasses. The back of the bar is a perfect place to set up all of your cases of alcoholic beverages, too.

Sylvan Club's bar from the front right angle Sylvan Club's bar from the backside Sylvan Club's bar sink



To the left side of the club is our very spacious kitchen area. We have newly installed ovens, large refrigerators, an island, and coffee and cappuccino makers that is available for use. Our guests have been amazing at keeping our kitchens spot-free. Guests can haul in their kitchen items from the patio area that is adjacent just outside the back door.

 Sylvan Club's Kitchen Sylvan Club's kitchen island double sink Sylvan Club's brand new kitchen ovens



To the very back of the club is our banquet room. This area is perfect for setting up food made from the kitchen to be transferred here. There is room to set up long tables and for catering personnel to help serve. There is also a supply closet that has extra chairs if needed, as well as, the vacuum cleaner, highchairs, and other equipment that may be needed for your event. This room is also dedicated to members Bob and Lynda Sasser for their "faithful service" to the Sylvan Improvement Club.

Sylvan Club's banquet area Sylvan Club's extra chairs and highchair found in the Banquet Room Banquet room of Sylvan Improvement Club dedicated to Bob and Lynda Sesser



The Sylvan Improvement Club prides itself for the many years of servitude in Modesto. You will find throughout the club pieces of history scattered throughout, such as, our piano that is located near the bar. We ask that you do not play on it, but just admire and appreciate its dedication to the Club. You will also find audio equipment near the bar that is set up for use for your event.

Sylvan Club's antique piano Sylvan Club's microphone and sound system set up for all events



One of the uses of our Club is outside the building in our ceremonial area. We have hosted smaller-sized weddings here. Our guests are also welcome to use the barbecue pit that is located here, too. We have a large covered patio that is great for getting that fresh air and taking a break or setting up the party for more activities. Our parking lot is front-facing and has handicap-access directly in the front of the building. We have a large black, metal gate that will lock, if needed.

 Classic Sylvan Improvement Club sign and address outside of club at 2545 Sylvan Ave Outside the front of the Sylvan Improvement Club 

 Sylvan Club's BBQ Pit area Sylvan Club's outside patio